The Golden Age Two-Face List of Appearances



1. Detective 66 - "The Crimes of Two-Face!" (Harvey Kent - Origin and 1st appearance)


2. Detective 68 - "The Man Who Led a Double Life!" (Harvey Kent)


3. Detective 80 - "The End of Two-Face!' (Harvey Kent)


4. Batman 50 - "The Return of Two-Face!" ("Butler" Wilkins)


5. Batman 68 - "The New Crimes of Two-Face!" (Paul Sloan)


6. Detective 187 - "The Double Crimes of Two-Face!" (George Blake)


7. Batman 81 - "Two-Face Strikes Again!" (Harvey Dent)


NOTE: "Harvey Apollo" (an actor) appeared as Two-Face in the Batman Sunday newspaper sections from June 23, 1946 to August 18, 1946. This story introduced and provided the origin of Two-Face to the newspaper reading public, however, this was not the Harvey Kent character and therefore out of continuity with the Two-Face stories enumerated above.